The Lessons

Each one-hour lesson is private and the teaching curriculum is personalized on the basis of each student’s strengths, musical preferences, performing experience, and previous education.  You may record the lesson, exercises and accompaniment.  You pay for one lesson at a time - there is no requirement to buy a series of prepaid lessons.


Your lesson’s first 15 minutes will be devoted to:

  1.    Exercises to strengthen your voice and increase your range

  2.    Discussion and practice of breathing technique

  3.    Coordinating upper and lower registers for the best blend

  4.    Concentrating on certain vowels and sections of your voice


The remaining 45 minutes of your lesson will include:

  1.    Developing audition songs and repertoire

  2.    Exploring how your body and energy affects a performance

  3.    Live piano accompaniment

  4.    Having access to a library of sheet music


With Barbara’s guidance, many of her students have developed an interest in songwriting while studying the art of singing.  More than half the students featured on the “Client” webpage are singer / songwriters.  Much of the singing lesson is spent analyzing lyrics and applying them to your personal experience.  You also discover how the melody and lyrics work together to reveal a three-dimensional character and story line.  Songwriting can be a natural outgrowth of these musical explorations.  If you have some partially written songs, bring them to class, and work on them as part of the lesson.

The program is well suited for beginners as well as students who have a performance background in music, dancing, acting, playing musical instruments, or songwriting.  The ability to read music is helpful but not required.


       If you were singing “Talk to the Animals” from Rex Harrison’s
       movie Doctor Doolittle, whom would you be singing to?

       Your dad, explaining why you want a career working at the zoo?
       Or an insulting teacher who just called your gang “dumb animals”?



  1.    During your lesson, we can purchase popular song accompaniments from the Internet

  2.    Download multi-track version (with midi instruments like drums, guitar, violin, organ)

  3.    Apple Garage Band software will be used to adjust the arrangement for you personally

  4.    Final version emailed to you, with or without your recorded singing voice mixed in


Full multi-track accompaniments available: